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Improving Call/Recall knowledge exchange

Thank you for joining us last Thursday at our Knowledge Exchange, discussing the call/recall process and presenting tools and information that hopefully will help us reach more patients.

It has been a busy year so far and overwhelmingly we felt a strong sense of solidarity from attendees. ‘We’re all having the same issues’ was one of the comments an attendee shared, so it is our hope that the tools our colleagues presented will help you all with the call/recall process ahead.

Sindbad Dwomah, our Data Analyst in the EQUIP team presented a handy tool demonstrating how to pull data for your practice on vaccination uptake which should be useful for tracking progress and targeting particular groups. We’ve attached this tool here.

We then had a very practical presentation by Ana Gutierrez from the CEG, who gave us some top tips for searches. Please see the link below for this information: follow-up-with-decliners

We also heard from Suki Kaur, Deputy Director of Partnership Development who oversees the Tower Hamlets helpline. She highlighted some of the issues they’re facing, which no doubt apply across all our boroughs.

In our breakout rooms it became very evident that we’re all facing enormous challenges, from vaccine supply and availability of appointments for the necessary vaccine on a day and at a location that suits the patient, to coding and accuracy

issues in our systems. Practices also shared some ideas that had worked well for them – including having COVID clinical and admin leads, building a shared excel spreadsheet of patients to call, cleaning the list using Pinnacle data.

We’ve collated some of the themes that arose in our breakout groups here:

Information for patients/process


  • Mass vaccination centres redirecting patients to GP practice for the Pfizer jab
  • Mass Vaccination centres creating extra workload by turning people away at the slightest mention of Hx of blood clots or allergy or referring back to GP for Pfizer vaccine
  • Poor communication regarding when vaccine clinic are being run and what has been offered and a lack of clarity around process

What’s working:

  • Clinicians asking if patients have been vaccinated at every consultation
  • Social Prescribers helping with vaccine concern conversations
  • One practice running a PPG on vaccinations with 42 attendees
  • Twice weekly update meetings with CCG, GPs and Vaccination Centres
  • COVID leads for each site, helping practices take ownership and responsibility – these people need protected time!
  • Tower Hamlets/NHC Helpline – dedicated resource for patients

Second dose vaccinations


  • Where the first vaccination wasn’t in this country, or hasn’t been recorded
  • Issues around supply of the right vaccine at the right time
  • Meeting 12 week target, booking for the right vaccine with supply issues

Vaccine supply


  • Availability of Pfizer and unpredictability of deliveries



  • Preference of location and availability
  • Housebound patient issue – struggling to get the roving team around

What’s working:

  • PCN Dispersal Clinics are working well
  • In-house vaccination clinic

Call/Recall/Booking Patients


  • Patient hesitancy and fear of blood clots
  • Patients having a perceived choice of vaccine
  • Inability to contact homeless persons as no fixed abode and contact number
  • Issues with Accubook, coding wrong
  • No clear list of patients to recall and AccuRx issues

What’s working:

  • Using a single list that can be passed to colleagues
  • Being able to book patients at the COVID centres and being able to see appointment book on AccuRx
  • List cleansing using Pinnacle data to ensure no duplication of work
  • Keeping a log of who is outstanding from recall lists
  • CEG Template for coding, inviting, declining and deferring

We are eager to host another session to really get under the skin of the issues raised and brainstorm strategies to improve our own processes, and have agreed a follow up session on 10th June at 18:00, which will hopefully maximize attendance after surgeries – to book your place,

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