Edenbridge How-to-Guide New!

EQUIP is excited to announce the development of a comprehensive How to Guide specifically designed to assist you in getting the most out of Edenbridge Apex

The How to Guide will be updated and new content added over the coming weeks. The first version covers the following topics:

  • How do I get access to Edenbridge Apex and log in?
  • How do I access data for my PCN through Edenbridge Enterprise?
  • How do I add and remove Users?

And more…

Please click here to access the How to Guide

Edenbridge APEX Learning Sessions

Please find details of training sessions and how to join below:-

Theme: Edenbridge Refresher Training Extra Venue: Online
Date: Tuesday 29th August 2023
Time: 1pm to 2pm
To join the session, please click here
The session will provide general training and overview of all aspects of APEX with focus on:

  • Appointment activity
  • Capacity and demand planning
  • Clinician activities
  • Clinician patient activities
  • DNA/ reattendance data

In addition, there will be discussions on the current GP contract, access, CAP Planning, GPAD mapping and how utilising Edenbridge can help inform practices to be compliant to the new updates.

How is Edenbridge APEX installed and configured?

Installed on a single practice computer, data is extracted from EMIS (clinical data and activity data book) on a daily basis overnight and presents back the data in live dashboards. Therefore the computer must be kept on overnight. If the data looks wrong, it is usually that the activity is not being captured. Most of the time this can be corrected by looking at the filters (slot filter coverage).

Configuration takes place by Practice Slot types being mapped to Practice Services and these can be mapped to Enterprise Services.

For example if a practice is trying to understand their online activity they may group all their online related slot types into a practice service called ‘eConsults and AccuRX’. The system they are part of (e.g PCN, ICB) is interested in looking at online activity so they will map their practice service to the ‘Online Activity’ Enterprise service.

This can then be used to ensure that the practice service view is showing correct activity from the appointment book in the clinical system and that the enterprise view is showing a standardised view across the given system.

What types of information can Edenbridge APEX give me?

  • Find historical appointment data
  • Find information about DNAs(Did Not Attends)
  • Find information about reattendance and continuity of care
  • Find the type of work being done in the practice
  • Find code usage activity
  • Find information about referrals

Edenbridge Support

For any enquiries, please contact EQUIP via nelondonicb.equip@nhs.net or for technical support please contact Edenbridge via support@edenbridgehealthcare.com

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