We currently have Quality Improvement (QI) coaches who have all been awarded their Improvement Coaching (IC) designation from the International Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Our coaches come from a wide range of backgrounds, allowing them to bring new ideas and perspectives into the practices they coach. Currently, the coaches work across North East London, helping primary care teams to address their chosen challenges and to use the QI methodology effectively and efficiently.

Coaches & Thinking Space Consultants

Charles Kennedy Scott

Obi James

Jason Tolentino

Kamal Uddin

Arshad Takun

Dr Lesley Perkins

Anna Smith (Improvement Advisor)

Bola Sotubo

Karen Bollan

Naomi Beer

Fahmida Khanum

Leon Clark

Valentina Bettozzi

Shahzad Firoz

Coach Community

Emma Cassells

Dr Anne Pauleau

Dr Mike Fitchett

Dr George Farelly

Rita Araujo

Julia Slay

Dr Isabel Hodkinson

Clemence Cohen

Raquel Williams

Azmi Peerun

Nynn Change (Improvement Advisor)