Data collection and monitoring

This helps you improve your system. Most of the data will be collected automatically by Edenbridge. A few aspects may need a manual occasional audit but we are trying to keep those to an absolute minimum. Possible data to be collected includes:

  • Total daily number of contacts on the triage list
  • Total daily number of phone calls on the triage list
  • Total daily number of e consults on the triage list
  • Daily Percentage of calls managed by the admin team
  • Number of patient contacts by clinician
  • Conversion rate to F2F by clinician
  • Turnaround time from patient contact to resolution (this will likely be a manual audit)
  • Team satisfaction
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Reattendance rate
  • Failed encounters (eg call backs not answered)
  • Percentage Dropped calls

Edenbridge and your phone system provide the bulk of this data.


Process monitoring

Daily huddles

Some practices have a weekly Access meeting where the whole team discuss how it is going


Adapt and change

Use Edenbridge data to monitor capacity and demand and alter your system accordingly. Run PDSA cycles on this and other changes.

Learn from others – worth speaking to other practices who are doing well. Maybe set up a facilitated workshop to see how everyone is doing and share the learning.

STAGE 6 – Go live
Total Triage Overview