IT System readiness assessment

The software and hardware need to be adequate and fit for purpose. Consideration also should be given for remote working.

EMIS set up

Total triage systems work well when there is a single list which everyone works from. It is important that the slot types for the session are also configured correctly. This will enable Edenbridge to analyze data for you. Also over the course of the next year it will be a contractual obligation to map GP appointments to a set of national standard categories, so it is good to get on the front foot with this.

Example slot types & Slot hierarchy

Video tutorials below

Video 1 – Setting up Session holder on Emis Web

Video 2 – Setting up a triage session on EMIS web

Video 3 – Setting up Slot types on Emis Web

Video 4 – Changing slot properties on Emis Web


Book cleaning

Total triage should be started with a clean appointment system ideally.

Edenbridge configure

Needs to be active and configured correctly – this will make data collection much much easier!

Explore all of the above and if a decision is made to proceed then go on to:

STAGE 2 – Project Set up
STAGE 4 – Practice set up